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Recruitment for DarkSlayer Guild [Edena Village]

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  • Recruitment for DarkSlayer Guild [Edena Village]

    Whats New?
    Weekly Competition:
    We give out Balens and VIP to people who contribute on a daily basis and contribute more than the others
    The Prizes are distributed on a WEEKLY basis and the prize is given to the top contributors of the week. [So it does not matter if u join us late..its a weekly competition]
    There will be a draw held ... All the people above 1000+ weekyl contrib will be there in the draw
    When the draw is made.. Three chits will be taken out..
    1st = 1st place and so on...
    1st Place : VIP + 1000 balens OR 2000 Balens [The Player's Choice]
    2nd Place : 1000 Balens
    3rd Place : 500 Balens

    Here are more details :

    Guild Name : DarkSlayer [Guild Name Changed]
    Server : Edena Village
    Leader : Obviously Me xP [Currently level 32 and battle rating 9200..]
    No. Of Members : 105/130 [Gathering the Best of the Best]
    Guild Rank (Level-wise) : 08
    Guild Rank (Stength-wise) : 08 [Can be much higher if we get 25 more members]
    Guild Buildings :
    Altar : Level 4
    Skills Tower : Level 3
    Guild Shop : Level 2
    Vault : Level 4

    Requirements :
    Be Active
    Level 13+

    ♥♥ Hope you will have a lot of fun in our guild

    Changes Made:
    Edit 1: Added some more details about the guild
    Edit 2: Introduction of the Weekly Competition.
    Last edited by WarriorsAsh; 09-07-2012, 10:03 AM. Reason: Written Above
    Game: Wartune
    Server: Edena Village
    Name: WarriorAsh
    Level: 34
    Class: Mage
    Battle Rating: 11,100
    VIP: Yes
    *I dont buy balens*
    Guild: DarkSlayer
    *Dont Forget to join it *

    Guide On Academy :
    Guide On Farm : Currently Working On It :)