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    I, for one, do NOT LIKE all the limits on everything. Only 1 group dungeon a day that gives rewards? What is the purpose behind that? Look at any RPG out there and instances can be run as many times as one wishes. As a newbie to this game (but not to RPGs) I signed up for a 1 month VIP..but I don't think I will stay one. Games either have monthly subscriptions OR cash have both. As a VIP member I should not have to put additional money in for simple things like inventory space. Another thing that has to be fixed (among many) is the matching system in the group arena.

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    You must not have played a lot of flash games then. Most of them have some sort of limit on how many things you can do a day. Be it with some sort of "energy" value that replenishes over time or like in Wartune where you have a fixed number of attempts for all the various parts of the game.

    The fact you can only do 1 mpd for rewards basically is because there is so much to do in Wartune that more attempts would require too much time. Especially the high level mpds where you spend around 30 minutes to do a nightmare version.
    There used to be 3 attempts, but to save everyone time, they reduced it to 1 and increased the rewards we get by about 5.


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      No one has time to do 200000x mpd a day. Seriously, it started out as 5xa day and that was boring and tedious to do. The it dropped to 3x a day and it was still too much. 1x a day is perfect and you get so much more rewards each time. Not to mention it's still pretty hard to find a decent party to even do your 1 attempt in this game. If you are not lvl 70+ doing Lych NM then you can't say anything about it. Lych nm with a good party takes about 20min or so. If you don't have a good party it can take you up to 30 min to do. Who knows how long 80 MPD will take to do when we get it. Wartune has so much stuff to do in this game at higher level you won't even have time to do more attempts even if you wanted to. There circuit quests as well after the update comes to all servers. That will keep you even more occupied.


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        people want more mpd att because they think they'll get 10 loids/leg stones each mpd :S they dont know they will end up with less xD 1 att is perfect no need for more