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In Game Events

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  • In Game Events

    Does anyone else think they should run events every 12 hours? I do. I work durring the day and would still like to be able to take place in the events when I get off work and come home. I just think its messed up that if you have any kind of life out side this game you dont get the same fun stuff to do. I mean im a VIP member and have bought Ballens so why should I have to miss everything because I have a job? Please post comments about your views.

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    Work in the daytime, play in the night, it's normal for you to miss some, but not all of them,
    I met same situation with you, anyway I dont think they are gonna change,
    Enjoy the Game


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      Well...I just missed Arena the last couple of days (starts at 6 a.m.) funny how i only need 1 sitting of arena to get my last piece of the 4 set -.- and still i oversleep
      'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~


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        There may be some tweaking to certain event times in the near future.

        Stay tuned.


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          Originally posted by sway View Post
          There may be some tweaking to certain event times in the near future.

          Stay tuned.
          aye... if the server is set in a timezone for a certain group of players, might be a good idea... NOT to host arena during time where most people are working or in class still... lol Unless there is some sortof of "join" and let the CPU take care of the rest system for events... but botting never is really a good solution ... lol