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  • Char appearance

    Yeah, I know it's REALLY a minor detail. But why not letting the people to CHANGE the PERSON'S appearance? (like, having a green haired female archer, or a black haired male warrior. and face details. create SEVERAL patterns for the player to choose. about 4 will do with 6 additional for payers. (Same for hairs)
    and weapons. Allow the chararacter to choose what weapon xe'd use. example for archer:
    Crossbow (Lower DMG, faster ATK) or Bow (Greater DMG, slightly slower ATK)
    Warriors: 2H sword (MUCH greater DMG, slow ATK) Twin swords (Normal ATK, V.Fast ATK)
    Mage: Staff (High DMG, normal ATK) or Rod (Avarage DMG, fast ATK)
    This may really create a uniqueness of a player's choice.
    and Appearance scroll (995 Balens/Bound balens) may be used to change appearance if what you chose is not likely.
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    If people were able to change appearance, why would they need hair for clothing?
    An even so, the characters now load with layers of armor like pictures, this would only slow the loading.