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Word of Warning with Circuit Quests

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    In 400 quests only gotten one crypt token quest, no guild horse or any other big purchase quests. Plentyyyyyy of atoll quests though.


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      Originally posted by Nubito View Post
      look like they will consume it no matter whr we put it
      it take item in my vault
      if you want prove, maybe you can try move flower from cirquit quest to vault
      they will take it anyway when you complate it
      This, I noticed this as well. Took the flowers from my vault.


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        Sounds like something that needs to be fixed and people compensated, 1000 crypt tokens is alot of time.


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          I got majorly burned ... crypt tokens, balens, gold, AND some cash ... trying to do the 200 during the first non- "week" (3 or 4 days actually) that it appeared, precious hard-to-get items which I'll never see again. So now i just do the easiest ones until i get the 50 chest & then stay FAR away from the Circuit-Girl.

          This addition to the game has potential, but some very major problems as-is.

          Play the Circuit at your own risk. It's worse than slots at Vegas.


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            boycott this 200 quest. never do it since start. Wasting time


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              Ok this just happend to me, i had 2 of the same synth item so it wasn't much of an issue if lost one so I decided to do some testing. The quest auto completes if the synth item is in your inventory , you need to refresh your screen to get rid of the pop up and place the item in your bank, then you may have to refresh again in order get the option to use an imperial seal so it's not the end of the world if you get one of these quests, unless you don't have a seal that is and they're finite so maybe it still is a problem lol.


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                Ouch, sorry to hear that. They should put a warning on their quest before completing it, as in removing it when you actually click the complete button, and not before.
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