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Upcoming stuff in game? (screenshots inside)

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  • Upcoming stuff in game? (screenshots inside)

    is this what's coming to the u.s. server?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	wartune1.jpg
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    ]Stats of the wings[/B]
    Click image for larger version

Name:	wartune2.jpg
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    ]and Mounts?[/B]
    Click image for larger version

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    Interesting how they are charging us 350% more balen for everything, screw the us is the other countries mentality right, stick it to us more in every small way possible. I am normally one of the first to admit that Americans can be jerks, a bit conceited, and a bit arrogant at times, however I also know that there is NO other country in the world that does as much for the world as we do, and have in history, its a shame to see it falling to this point where we are purposely being scalped for digital item prices for a game. Nothing like taking the back door to stab us in the back and spit in our face, I don't see the "Honor" in that, guess its not as prevalent today as it once was in china either.


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      actually i was kinda shocked myself by some of the prices, even the stuff they get for VIP bonus per week, the **** i'm getting is less than the VIP on the Chinese server. I was also shocked at the other extra bonus for charging balan first time. i believe that if they make it cheaper, they will get even more buyers rather than the elite few that pays more for those items..

      price is one thing, but what my post is showing people what may be coming to the u.s. server i think lol. i did realize for me playing on chinese server is probably cheaper and getting to lv. 70+ is probably faster, but my Chinese isn't that great and i prefer to play on the West coast anyway. I would suggest if they kept the price as the Chinese server i'm sure they'll get more buyers. Heck voucher for lv. 4 runes was only 10 vouchers....

      forget that, what this post was just to show everyone what else might be coming too... cheers
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        The worst part of buying a Balen Items are cannot be unbound nor be sold in the market because its already bound to you. And all you have to do with your $ items? Sell it for gold only the way or recycle it. Be green

        However, it's a big waste of money if buying balen items cannot be trade nor sell it other player. I wonder those player who exactly bought a 9,600 balens just for the level 30 set if they reached 40 or so. :-?
        I have played and become one of the strongest Mage in Server 5 and showed them how powerful mages are than Archers. 'I purchased balens & trying to support r2games 'but now I am quitting because of r2games doesn't even help you out and hear you out. 'They cannot make anything possible hence they are the only one who can do it.

        Thank you everyone!
        I enjoyed the game and the game itself rocks!
        'but the company is ruined it.