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Can we get a QOL patch?

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  • Can we get a QOL patch?

    Seriously, we need a QOL (quality of life) patch far more then any more then anything right now. There have been numerous problems that have existed for a very long time that haven't been fixed and are well known about. I really don't feel like listing them all again since the boards are already being flooded with them but my god this is by far the worst game I've ever seen at fixing known issues and dealing with broken issues. One QOL update would do more good for the most number of wartune players then any additional content does, why keep adding things when you cant even fix or get right the things you already have? Just stacking more and more bugs and problems creating an ever increasingly frustrating and unprofessional game

    Sadly I know I'm gonna get the "they make no money that way" response and unfortunately thats probably the real reason but I can hope...

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    we do need this I am tired of running into bugs that originated months ago and still haven't been addressed