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Building removal

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  • Building removal

    R2, pls remove the building in the old city like the arena, bounty hall and hall of heroes.

    these building are non sense anymore since its already moved to cloud city.

    possibly it may lessen the lag. hope so!

    thx in advance!

  • #2
    actually most ppl claim cloud city caused the lag and they prefer to see cloud city removed...

    I do believe in later patch all will go to cloud city


    • #3
      i think they should just open them again, so e.g. you can enter arena either in cloud city or your own town.

      btw. arena is just a joke- you have one in your city, you have one in the cloud city (right lower corner), but you enter into it by talking to a randomly standing girl (am I the only one, who she reminds a streetgirl?)