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Balen prices and shop prices one has to go!

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  • Balen prices and shop prices one has to go!

    During the patch your team requested we the players come and ask those questions we always wanted the answer too. During the Dev IRC chat event I posted a question that was direct and I knew i wouldn't get a direct answer for before I asked it. As i suspected I got an answer that evaded my question and insulted my intelligence.

    My question was "Why are the American and Euro servers shop prices jacked up so high?" and "Are there any plans on making the prices more reasonable?"

    I was given a answer I somewhat expected to get, one that would normally suffice and fool someone who cant "think" for themselves or just is plain "uneducated". The reason is the conversion rate from Chinese Yuan to US was your reason, and we as Americans get 100 balens instead of 10 per Yuan like china!!!

    "OMG!! YAY US" says the lemming.

    The us gets 100 balen per dollar and Chinese clients get 10 balen per Yuan, with this we also know the currency conversion rate currently is 1 dollar = 6.25 balen. or 16 cents per Yuan.

    With this formula and information there anyone with basic math skills and a little bit of curiosity can put 2+2 together and figure out exactly how awesome that extra 40 balens really is!!

    Now just as a example:
    a Gem Socket drill on US server is 185 balens for one basically very easily translated to $1.85 us money. On the Chinese server its 50 balens which = .83 US cents. or 5 Yuan. This includes our "extra" 40 balens per dollar, jacking up the price to roughly 253.55% higher cost then Chinese and this is just one item, if you look at the Chinese client shop their prices are reasonably priced like they should be here, however I guess this is another attempt to bleed the Euro and American countries.
    Now all you lemmings out there who still think "OMG! YAY US" you might as well stop reading now as there is no help for you, continue your journey until you fall off that cliff following the rest of your troop of lemmings.

    The Chinese VIP package gives much better rewards and items for being a VIP them ours, also you can look on their market and see how their much lower their items are then ours. their really nice gems in their shop are 10 balens, they have tons of items we would love to have for 10-12 dollars, mounts, ect. I understand the game is still being translated by someone who has never gamed in his life, case and point Astrals with expanding floating damage increased 3%, which should have been translated Area of effect damage increased 3%, that's a guess by a hardcore gamer, maybe I'm wrong and no one knows what it really does.

    The prices obviously have nothing to do with the conversion rate because I can do "Basic Math". Also a Bachelor degree holder , current Master degree student and retired Law Enforcement officer here in the US I feel insulted for everyone who is too afraid to question or notice this.

    Now to add to the silliness of this

    we have a 200 dollar level 40 Ring! that is right 20,000 balens for a level 40 purple ring?!!!! are you seriously telling me as Devs you expect the players to continue to be insulted by your prices under the guise they are fair?????????

    Do you expect your game to keep their clients and continue as a free to play game *Cough!!* Everyone knows its a pay to win, pay to get ahead type game and we accept it, but these prices go beyond stupid, and quite frankly, to a gamer of over 30 years is plain and simple insulting and demeaning to us as players. Taking advantage of people is never right!! These are virtual items, they require no materials, time, or effort to reproduce.
    You'll sell more and make a lot more money if you make the game and items more attainable to the majority of your clients and not just the rich and stupid.
    When your customers quit playing and decide to rebel together against this treatment and lack of any remote type of fairness in pricing you will listen then, but then again I'm sure your counting on the people being disorganized, gullible, and unable to do this. Most of us are lemmings you're right in your thinking and tactics. Good job I guess in taking advantage of your player base.
    I will repeat my question again in hopes of you answering it here since you told me to post it on the forum when I asked it in the "Ask the Devs" event in IRC. Well here it is again, I am sure the reason I was told to post it here was so it could be once again ignored, but maybe it will bring awareness to our players the non-Lemmings at least.

    if you want to see a paste of my question and his reply here ya go
    [22:57] <@R2-Sway> RE: <Apothis_> My question pertains to the pricing here versus the Chinese Servers pricing, and a few questions rolled into one long one, are there any plans to make the balen shop more reasonable like the Chinese servers ? and why are our servers so much higher?
    [22:58] <@R2-Sway> One major thing to realize is that the conversion rate from dollars to balens is significantly different between the Chinese and North American servers
    [22:58] <@R2-Sway> On the Chinese servers, the conversion rate is 1Y = 10 Balens
    [22:58] <@R2-Sway> While on the US servers, it is $1 = 100 Balens
    [22:59] <@R2-Sway> So while items may look to be very cheap at only a few balens each on the Chinese servers, in reality, they can still be pretty expensive
    [23:00] <@R2-Sway> Something that is 2 balens on the Chinese servers, would be 20 balens for us, just because of the difference in conversion between 1:10 and 1:100

    While what he says here is true it avoids my question completely and doesn't answer why even our EURO and American server prices when converted prove that our prices are 253.55% higher then Chinese as I explained above something that costs them say 50 balens in Yuans is 5 Yuans or 83.3 cents American , costs us 185 balens, and its not uniform on all items, some items are 500% higher, some Ive seen even more 1000% higher this is no joke!
    His answer was a blow off and I was told told when I tried to follow up on his response, when they UN-moderated the channel and unmuted us, that they would not discuss pricing anymore in the IRC, to post on the forums.
    I am highly insulted by the prices, LOWER THEM!!
    The prices are fair in my opinon
    Uh what just happened here?
    You lost me when the math began!
    Who cares if they are overpriced I never spend money anyhow! MUAHAHAH
    I think they should be slightly lowered. I dont mind paying a lot for virtual items.

    The poll is expired.

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    Also I wanted to post that the games percentage rates are either bogus or messed up, a 70% chance for something to happen is highly probable, and in your enchanting system, happens way more then statistically possible at the current stated values, if the percents were true, people fail at 70, 80 , and 90% success rates with stones three and four times in a row. I have to say I personally think these things are in the code on purpose, but "who can prove it?" right? with high shop prices, and purposely misrepresenting the success rates when using expensive stones makes good money sense for the developers.
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      u lost me where the math began heheh sorry didn't understand a word u said also where things got from fun into complicated which is also ????
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        I'm a vip player, and was going to add more money into the game when I heard the marketplace was being implemented. Got excited to see what I could get by putting in a few dollars here and there....Went to the marketplace and saw the ring for 20k balen. I mean I don't mind putting money into this game because I do enjoy the game, but for $200 for 1 item, that I will be able to get better than in a month or so its like whats the point? I agree with the above poster. Something needs to be looked at here cause $200 per 1 item is a bit much, I mean I got 2 Orange jewelry pieces for $5.00 yet I have to pay $200 for a purple ring? I mean come on do the math.


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          Agreed too, the fact that the prices of the market items being so high when the gold worthy of them is not even a fair rate in balens to gold conversion is laughable not to mention you'd have to be one daft money machine to actually pay so much for a lv 40 piece of equipment for 200 dollars. Point being that is just a waste of data that no one in there right mind would put so much money to. Also the rate itself in comparison to china's is insane! Be almost cheaper to fly over there and play for such perks. If not willing to drop the prices then at least find some sort of compromise as the more this is found out about the less people will pay to play.



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            chinese is 1 Chinese yuan = 0.1584 US dollars
            so 1 yuan is roughly 15cent

            So 2 balens on other server = 3.3% of $1
            and 20 balens on our server = 20% of $1

            Thats quite the jump on spending. So while the chinese spend 3.3% of their balen's on said item, we spend 20% of ours.
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              Would be great to hear from some developers out there about this since I was refused a proper answer in IRC chat with you guys and told to ask here this question.


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                Storm and sway replied to another thread about this same topic. They have seen this thread too, so you aren't going ignored, they just don't have the time to respond to every thread a lot of times.

                Please read their replies here(linking direct to the posts):


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