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  • Password Sistem

    To be more safety, r2 can put a password request when you enter in game on the character. If somebody breake youre account he/she cant enter to youre caracter and delete items or whatever he/she wants... it is a good safety !

    More big games have that , like : if somebody breake a player account he/she cant enter to the caracter to transfer or delete items/gold or anythink like that.

    I wait a response from the Officials !!!
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    Set your browser to not remember your passwords, or set it to have it clear cookies each time you log out.
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      this is youre finally response?? ♥.... i need a good official response not a joke...
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        So... instead of altering your browser, which'll take you a whole whopping 10 seconds, you expect a company to just add a new security piece which requires writing, coding, testing and implementing... Wow. Lazy much?


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          I must agree it's quite an idiotic suggestion. I can understand IF Wartune was a downloadable Client... but this is a browser game! I don't think ANYONE would agree to this joke.
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