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Chaos VS Amnesia

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    amnesia at lvl 10 stuns them pretty much to aoe for 3 turns that is the best lose all spells// aka atks for 3 turns will win you fights chaos is good for mps and arenas to but for one on one amnesia all the way


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      Originally posted by TjiTzUr View Post
      gaia only remove 1 skill and Amnesia can remove 5 up to 3 rounds when lvl 10 so that will be almost a free win in u use it when the other person transform to the pet
      That just means you have to wait till the other person awakens before you can use any rune. If you used another rune b4 it, you run the risk of having the opponent awaken early and able to cast delphic b4 your amnesia rune cds in time for you to block it. Chaos is meant to be used at anything where the opponent is not alone. Hence, its useful right from the start of the battle when there's troops and you can use it to make him help you get rid of his troops. Thus, allowing you to snipe them with a delphic or other heavy dmg skills before you awaken the sylph. If you haven't already kill them by then, 1 or 2 skills from your sylph will kill them. Even if they're normal hits (unless you're fighting someone out of your league, in which case even if he didn't slap you with amnesia, your sylph delphic wouldn't kill them either).
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