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For what?

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  • For what?

    For what are you playing? Why would you play this game?

    I am starting to see there tactic to drain cash from players, the new servers/week, the not merging servers, the continues updates that request more and more $$ to be competitive (easyer to get lvl 80 dohhhhh????) free stuf from events being slowly reduced or removed.

    They seem to try to find a form of balance that actualy to force players to spend and to spend more, heck there target looks to be 10k players who spend 100$-1k/week and the rest just fill ups who vist and leave once they feal the true.

    Anyway my intrest for this game is slowly disapearing. Verry soon will not even bother to log in

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    Took you this long?
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      Originally posted by MrPunkinHead View Post
      Took you this long?
      3 months. It's acceptable.
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        Why i still play this game, you asked?
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        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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 this game to have access to chat so you can troll others? or maybe play this game to see if you can find more ways to exploit bugs and abu se the system and force R2 to start making fixes to long standing errors? I'm pretty sure you can find many reasons to play this game as well as reasons to quit.
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            Have you tried other browser games? all horrible battle systems that require u to do NOTHING u just watch and it autos the wwhole thing, BORING. and other games are the same as this for pay to win if not worse