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Let's macke r2 Beter like china wartune! :)

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  • Let's macke r2 Beter like china wartune! :)

    I played a game on aeriagames named Shaiya Eternity.Now will be morr fun and morr work for u, and alot morr money. What i mean?well we have 3 diferent class Mage ,Archer , And Knight. I sugest to u add 3 morr class 1)Priest-and mage class tacke off healing skills, and ad morr aoe skill, 2)Ranger. and last class to be Defender-remove knight's shield and add it to defender and knight to be fighters. well alot off works but will be morr classes mor players and alot off FUN .

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    yeah i also have played on chinese divine comedy , r2 should make it like that thats very very very good but only problem is they have chinese language...


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      yeah but isn't upcoming patches supposed to make r2 like chinese wartune idk but as i saw its gonna come which proves it will coz r2 dropped some of the stuff i read into the game so thats a good sign