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  • Friend bonus

    So if you're running with 3 friends in an MP dungeon, one with lvl 1 friendliness, others with lvl 2, and lvl 3. How would the exp bonus work?

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    if you are in a party with x1 and the other x2 you get the exp from x2. It always pick the highest in your friend list.
    What pisses me off in the friend bonus system is why they give us Charisma where you don't need it in a party. There is no Troops.
    Dunno if there going to be new fighting ssystem in the future where troops are in the game but i doubt it.
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      I think the charisma there would affect the HP of the player....If you look at the specialty of your troops theres HP transformation, where in it increases 1% of your HP of your troops HP......Hope its like that....HAHAHA
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