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  • Overkill

    I thought of an idea, maybe it's **** i don't know, but here goes.

    You know when a player or monster has a little bit of HP left and you do a big amount of damage, it could say Overkill across screen and say overkill in a cool voice.
    But then you could obtain a title for getting so many overkills.
    Maybe it can just be against other players this overkill thing, and only if it's a critical hit that you get overkill, but all in all, it's just a quick idea to add more cool stuff to the game.
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    Can we get a title for underkill?
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      Well i think the more ingredients you have in a game, the more appealing it is and especially will keep people interested. Even if it's little snippets like overkill.


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        Yes because light cashers and non-cashers don't already feel frustrated and let down by the huge cash imbalance in game, lets flash a giant OVERKILL as a casher wipes out a free player with an orange Gaia delphic just to rub it in even more how useless trying to compete really can be. Better yet, add a SPEND MORE or YOU'RE USELESS flash instead its more direct


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          Well since you put it that way, i think you're right Athens, maybe it will be best to just use it for getting the last hit on mpd bosses instead