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r2 vets

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  • r2 vets

    nice to see r2 vets around, also nice to get muted for saying booobies or *** hole in chat, like we dont have those parts as our human body? soon I guess if we say eyes or brain we will get muted too. Please r2, get rid of these vets, giving false infos all day long proving they have no actual knowledge of whats important is just to add up. s182 and all them srv, WE ARE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOUR VETS.

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      You deserved it.
      "… Stupid people do stupid things.
      Smart people outsmart each other.
      Then themselves! Then themselves! …"

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        nice troll, someone got muted for saying ”listen to the vet guys” , under the reason he was impersonating a vet. World chat totally died now, even anouncing legions will be prolly considered as spamm


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          Vets are there to help. If players didn't push the limits of the filter, muting wouldn't be an issue.

          If you're having a serious issue with a vet, please send in a ticket and it will be forwarded to their supervisor.

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