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  • Guild mail

    you guys gota be kidding with me O.O

    first time in 17 years of online gaming that i see a company charging players 175 balens for 1 single guild mail...

    are you guys nuts?charging a guilds way of comunication to its members???!!!

    *** R2,is your greed so damn big that even in that you atempt to get a profit of?

    i never saw something so stupid,greedy and retarded like charging 175 balens to send 1 mail to the guild members...

  • #2
    What? 175 BALENS? Gold I would understand because they charge 100 gold to send mail between players but balens? Come on now. What if there's a guild master that is not a VIP or spends real life money in any way on the game and they need to send a very important message to their members? At least change it to game currency instead of balens for those that can't afford it.


    • #3
      damn asking 10 balens would be already dumb,but asking 175 makes it even more expensive then many things selling on the game shop.

      really i never saw anything similar


      • #4
        actualy scratch that,i went and check...its more expensive then 70% of both normal game shop and mistery shop