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ETA for merg for S100 ************

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  • ETA for merg for S100 ************

    give me ETA for **** sake for S100 is so ♥ empty is no more that 70 people left and all have diffrens time soon.

    I ******* quit this game next week if i dont see any merg no resone to play into emoty server thire man need to wait 6 to 8 hours for collect engouts me people for LL Nm run.

    This game is so ♥ boring only resone people still play is for the friends them has into the game, everybody of mine friends has quit. And dosent come any new people eaither to learn know so soon is no resone play the game, But that is exalty what Wartune and R2Games want older server let it be so old people quit and them can remove the server.
    Last edited by EsmeWeatherwax; 04-02-2014, 06:31 AM.
    Character - Taggen
    Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
    Class - Archer
    Battle Rating -2.4M BR
    Slyph - Orange Electro, Light, Dark
    Highest CW ranking - 26th

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    don't let the door hit you where the dear lord split you. r2 makes money from new players, not old ones. once you buy everything you are of no use to them. new players are the ones that pay the bills