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Quest all done, no more MP/Campaign/arena/bounty attempts left. Now what?

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  • Quest all done, no more MP/Campaign/arena/bounty attempts left. Now what?

    Most of the more active players in the game run out "of stuff to do" relatively quick, and I must admit looking at my seeds grow in farm gets boring very fast, especially if planted the 12 hours ones. Current content is amazing, events are well seperated in time, but only problem is the quantity of content. We litterally run out of stuff to do!

    This is not a negative / whinning forum post, but on the opposite, is a door open on any ideas of content to add! Brainstorm time! No such thing as silly / bad ideas, just go and post watever gets on your mind everyone, maybe something good might get out of that!

    Personally, I'd love something that could be done as a guild, or against other guilds since for now game is poor on "guild" content; some kind of competition / time trial / survival kind of stuff between guilds would be fun. But that's just me. Come on now, YOUR ideas guys!

  • wexall
    Hi my loves

    I think we need the "LIMIT" for happen the CONTROL / Balance.
    that's resume all the lines that i could write.

    See you ingame.

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  • Bigblete
    Well, I can argue about current countdowns content actually. Here's an example. This morning, we made a group of 4 friends for MP dungeons. Near last boss we poped our +100% exp buff. We made 4 more runs back to back. 32 minutes left on the scroll. so 28 minutes playing and done for MP for 24 hours. Then zerged a few campaign untill scroll wore off, attacked in arena then went to crypt floors. every 5-10 floors, back to arena since cooldown over. Rince / repeat. So! about 2 hours played, and no MP dungeons, maybe 2 or 3 more campaign left and half the arenas done for the day. 2 hours. I do play a LOT of MMOs, still have other MMOs active, reason is: not enough content in Wartune yet. Most competitive players are on the same page. Once will be top level, all those players will be: now what? And more than likely get back to other MMOs with more content.

    Wartune has a LOT of potential, but need to feed the content starved players. If I include World Bosses arenas and battleground, Wartune has for 6, maximum 8 hours of active playtime. Of course balens helps a lot to stay in the competition if losing a few Events, or even miss full days of playtime. Also must consider that most top balens buyers are the most active players, playtime wise. Losing them in 1 or 2 months for lack of content is bad idea in my humble opinion. A good example of that kind of mistake happenned on a MMO released last December. It was AMAZING, growing FAST, and died as fast, because of lack of content. In february, people left that MMO in mass.

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  • Theawinde
    I think the countdowns are fine the way they are, mostly because I can barely keep up with them when I work during the week. I also think at this stage in the game where most are still levelling their characters it puts some unfair advantage over those who can't play all the time. I still have a fighting chance right now because of the countdowns for sure!

    I definitely agree on more guild things. I mentioned adding a guild hall in another post, but there could be fun stuff like QTE races and stuff like that. There's a "Guild Events" tab in the guild but what do you put in there when most things are done solo? I'd love to have some GvG tournaments or something.

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