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[suggestion]honor at arena

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  • [suggestion]honor at arena

    ... at the coming update

    i will gladly accept the fact that u devs will cut the insignia to 3/1.. (although it ****** me off)cause i cant join next arena time

    but please

    add honor

    3/1/ +1(honor every fight)

    so it will worth it for 2 hrs

    in 1 hour we can fight for 30-40 times

    so it makes +30 honor in 1 hour
    Last edited by LordFireMage; 09-18-2012, 11:38 AM.
    Server: S3 WORG LAIR
    IGN: LordFireMage
    LVL: 4X

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    I think all PvP interactions in the game should have at least a bit of honor attached to it. Good idea.


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      and or even at DUEL right?
      Server: S3 WORG LAIR
      IGN: LordFireMage
      LVL: 4X