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Finally Exp Cut down and 9999 stacking coming tommrow thank you R2.

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  • Finally Exp Cut down and 9999 stacking coming tommrow thank you R2.

    • Amount of Experience needed from level 71-80 is lowered by 55 %

    Exp for Level 71 is lowered From 72,550,323 to 35,521,869.
    Exp for Level 72 is lowered From 94,315,420 to 46,859,621.
    Exp for Level 73 is lowered From 122,610,047 to 59,584,321.
    Exp for Level 74 is lowered From 159,393,062 to 68,954,215.
    Exp for Level 75 is lowered From 207,210,981 to 98,359,741.
    Exp for Level 76 is lowered From 269,374,276 to 128,961,730.
    Exp for Level 77 is lowered From 350,186,559 to 168,209,549.
    Exp for Level 78 is lowered From 455,242,527 to 221,399,159.
    Exp for Level 79 is lowered From 591,815,286 to 269,509,668.
    Exp for Level 80 is lowered From 769,359,872 to 384,961,510.

    While the compensation will be provided to -

    Level 74 - Level 76 - 4K Level 3 Exp Book,1M Gold,1M Daru ,50 Bound Balens.
    Level 77 - Level 79 - 6K Level 3 Exp Book,2M Gold,2M Daru ,80 Bound Balens.
    Level 80 - 8K Level 3 Exp Book,4M Gold,4M Daru ,150 Bound Balens.
    Note- Reward can be redeem only for single level,Hence the Level 80 will not be able to redeem the reward for the 74- 77 cap

    • Items can be stacked to 9999.

    The following Changes will be made on the patch which is on 9th April.
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      no way, they listened.....i actually didnt mind the exp thing
      300K ish BATTLE RATINGS



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        I would be all like yay, woot woot, but where is this info coming from?
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          Originally posted by DeathTh3Kid View Post
          I would be all like yay, woot woot, but where is this info coming from?
          That is what I would like to know. Looking at the major Blogging sites and Wartune affiliated forums and I'm not seeing anything.

          If these notes ARE TRUE, then I'll just barely squeeze into the level 77 bracket (I will hit 77 tomorrow [curently 11 mill XP short])

          I would like to point 69 - 70 requires 55,807,940 experience. So the fact that 71 and 72 require less xp than 69 - 70 seems odd. I could see them dropping it by ~21.5%
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            They didn't listen, it was already in the Chinese version, is anyone listening to me? XD


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              OH GOOD, i maxed all my important talents, guess I'll sell all those exp books
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                Thanks, but where'd you find this?


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                  This is bad for slow levelers... hahahaha


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                    Thats a lesson for ppl who contantly whine about everything that so far r2/************ are not the devil which came on earth .. they do good work and there will be always issues but there is work in progress .

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                      would be nice if they can provide any proof that this has been confirmed by R2 as part of the changes that will be implemented.
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                        Does not seem real. so exp from 69 to 70 is nearly double the exp then 70 to 71? Then they would need to redo the talent system for a few levels too.


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                          Just waoo ! thanks R2 [one of the best thing done by R2] love those exp books
                          I'm Cupcaked ! My Account got hacked and some cupcaker sold every thing. Blah !!!
                          and R2 Not helping with restoring the account. Sweet, This is what i put tons of money here .


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                            Late April Fool's?


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                              the exp book is different from 7road, they give a gold book which gives 100k exp a book.

                              I can level from 70 to 71 easily if i do llnm, tree buff x5 with 60 guys or more and necro blitz, while using a Red coloured exp coupon for llnm and campaign blitz.

                              Avg exp will be 36k-38k.
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