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leveling troops

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  • leveling troops

    ok my troops are level 32 and its 539000 daru to 33 now yesterday i duel players in same bracket as me ranked anywhere from 18th to 30th i fight these people all the time and they had level 32 troops also well today i fight same guys and now they have level 36 troops now i do 3 world boss fights per day and get around 80k daru each time and every 3 days i get around 200k to 300k daru from duels and im struggling to get my troops 1 level per day almost takes 2 days to get 539000 daru how are these players getting over 2 million daru it would require to go from 32 to 36 in 1 day? even planting level 2 daru see every hour for 24 hours would net 583000 daru still seems fishy to me they level troops 4 levels in 1 day
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    theres only one explanation for this the GM's gave them free daru


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      Lots of ways. Personally, I'm a lvl 43 knight currently. I can plant seeds and get 635k daru a day. Not counting I get roughly 250k daru off the world boss. Then, there are guild contributions I usually make another 30k off of, and then on top of that there's daru from mp dungeons and solo dungeons. And then I get around 250-350k every three days from arena rewards depending on what time I go to sleep.

      So... it's not too hard. And, the archers on my server get even more from the world boss.
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