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The Wartune Classes: Their Advantages + Popularity - Conclusion

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  • The Wartune Classes: Their Advantages + Popularity - Conclusion

    Wartune Classes: Advantages + Popularity - Conclusion!

    As you are aware, I have been conducting a study, (Or a poll. Whatever you like to call it) in order to find out just which class is the most popular among the Wartune servers, and why. As well as this, I have also been looking at the classes, and seeing how people see them and their advantages and disadvantages. Thank you to everybody who took part in the study by expressing their valued opinions and their knowledge of the classes. I have gathered all of the results, and have come up with three sensible and quite provable conclusions:

    1) Which class would you consider the most popular among servers?

    - Archers definitely come out as number one, closely followed by the Mages, who seem to be the second dominant's of Balenor. Unfortunately, the Knights seem to be last, and the least favored class among most players.

    2) Could you list the advantages AND disadvantages of each class?

    - Archers seem to be favored due to their advantage of causing damage and rather outstanding critical attacks. This results in an amazing stand when it comes to the World Boss events. Some of the best Archer's around Wartune are certainly considered a fatal opponent. However, their main disadvantage is that while they give off amazing amounts of damage, they do lack defense's, resulting in a slightly quicker death when it comes to fighting against other classes.

    - Mages seem to be favored for their AoE healing abilities, and their high defenses. However, their disadvantage's are that they lack in HP, and sometimes in PDEF.

    - Finally, Knights supply themselves with an almost endless amount of rage compared to the other classes. They are also top of their game when it comes to HP. However, when it comes to dealing with multiple attacks and being outnumbered, then that is where they fall and hence, their disadvantage.

    3) Which class (In YOUR opinion) do you think is the best and why?

    - Knights gained the most votes, closely followed by Mages. A couple of people did comment on Archers, but unfortunately the Knights and Mages overtook you.

    I will note this: A couple of people actually commented on the fact that every class is actually the same, and that it's how you actually build you develop your character, regardless of their class. And to that, I say: True. I've witnessed Battleground events, and have fought with players of any class. I can guarantee you, I've had my backside kicked by at least one person from each class, and it's made me think that anyone can dominate, regardless of their class!

    Once again, a big thank you to everybody who took part in the study/poll. Really appreciate the answers I received, and I seriously hope to do something familiar in the near future!

    - EmperorWraith.
    "Like every great leader that ever lived, I shall create acts in order of remembrance to those that died fighting for their superiors."

    Welcome to my Dominion. May the element of Life devour your needs, and the element of Death conclude your life gracefully and without pain.