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    Is it worth trying to complete a lvl over and over, knowing that it is near impossible to do. Personally I'm stuck on L2-5

    From what I have seen and read a lot of peeps are stuck between L2-5 & L2-8, and since most of us have got S grades on the first Lvl, we cannot go back onto it to gain further rewards - has this new update just died before it has began?

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    When you complete each level over and over again, you'll gain rewards. In your help bar on top of the sky trail interface, you should read it's intro. When once you have an "S" rating, you can't play that stage anymore.


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      The fact is I got S grade on my first run thru - The help info aint that much gud now is it - and tell me, how many people actually read that before they attempt something.

      The fact that the info is hidden away behind a ? - just like the issues with the Class Wars bets.

      In this case i will do the 6 runs required for this event, then it is dun. People may agree, some wont, but that is me


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        the reward for running the same stage not S is always 150 k exp and 50k gold, so it doent matter once u get S grade ady
        just rerun those stages in which u have done so if u cannot complete the new stage
        the only slight difference is that it takes a bit more time for you to finish since u rerun later stages with higher hp bosses
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