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    Originally posted by jonas39179 View Post
    lol just lol, worry about archers before coming to mages
    This isn't an archer only disadvantage. This effects 2/3 of the classes.

    And it is an imbalance issue that is easily fixed.


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      Im a mage, and i agree its unfair for archers and knights. However without even pieces at sc and whip events, free players still cant get enough pieces to get the hat minimal. So it's for casher.

      Now cashers do need to spend some money, but i think the difference between weapon and hat is very low in costs (i think that) and most cashers would probably spend more money than just the extra event pieces.

      Besides, the whole event set will probalby be sold later


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        I have yet to see anyone obtain a Xmas cloth due to Synthizing....

        Also, a head up, a lot of cloth / description are messed up.

        Such as Apollo's Feathers Wing originally was placed in CN shop for 1500 balens, but here it's an event item that cost 500 USD.

        Blond Wig and Red n' Purple says Event clothing, but I haven't seen it in any event, even tho it's been out for like 5+ months...

        Another thing... the "Surreal Set" was actually Synthable, even tho it's says Event, however, the entire Set was removed by R2 later on and all sets deleted, just because it wasn't intended to be Synthable (it also gave you a title if you had the entire set)

        Why we "blame" R2? cause it's their job to localize English into English and not into Engrish.

        R2 rarely fixes Bugs, most times they only do fast fixed on things that's connected to Money, IE: BALENS.

        Otherwise, things are just left as is and wait until they fix themselves.