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  • iPad app

    I downloaded the app on my iPad yesterday.

    I'm wondering how I use the large bullhorn.

    I looked at a cpl other threads, and /d etc doesn't work for me, perhaps because I'm on my iPad, not a pc?

    But if anyone could help me figure out how to use the large bullhorn, I'd appreciate it!

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    I think you tap the bullhorn, then select use. It's supposed to be like the PC game; click, then select use. Unless I'm wrong. Never used a large bullhorn in my life at all.
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      on the chat option where you click to change the chat from guild chat to current, you should see the large bullhorn option there if you have one in your inventory.
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        There's an Ipad app for Wartunes?
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          yeah but its sponsored by kabam , and only US timezone , i played it but couldnt stand the difference in timezone