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Few Issues to solve...(just 3 i think are important)

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  • Few Issues to solve...(just 3 i think are important)

    Issue1: There arent enough companies offering free balens...i think there are only 2 good ones left after supersonic and matomy were put out of serve

    Issue2: The drop rates for some things really suck for (some) players...not me but it is a known issue

    Issue3: If PvP gear shards were made itd make trying to earn them a lot less time consuming but if this cant be done i understand
    Wartune can't hear your SCREAMS...they just look at the cross server rankings and laugh"look at all the money we earnt”
    Server: s481
    IGN:❣·Prστεςτσr ~ Legendary Archer
    Lvl80: Class Adv
    BR: 691k w/Eudaemon
    Eudaemon: trashy 301k BR archer (i got by accident :()
    Sylph: 65.5k BR Herc - R34P3R***
    58k BR Aegis (yes i call it aegis :p) - xxAURORAxx***

    Previously Played server; s55 Tortmain Abbey as xW4RR10Rx (beast knight)…possibly guildless now