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Feedback : Voucher to bound balen ratio

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  • Feedback : Voucher to bound balen ratio

    hi ,
    after removing the vouchers from the game and adding bound balens at the ratio of 1BB=20 vouchers , the prices of most items/functions that could be bought with vouchers now cost 1/20 of their price in bound balens.
    However , some has not changed like ( inventory rows ) and ( skill reset ). the first costs an awful 12540 balens to unlock full inventory and the second still costs 895.
    please fix it cuz i wasnot lucky enough to start before voucher removal and now i cant unlock the inventory cuz it costs ALOT neither do i have the flexibility of resetting skills according to builds anymore cuz 895 balens is not easily earned as it was for vouchers.
    one more thing , why does the cost of balens increase with every row , 285 > 665 > 1140 > 1710 > 2357 > 3135 > 3990 > 4940 and so on , the price is now 1x , 2x , 3x , 4x and so on
    Last edited by Sylvannah; 05-17-2014, 11:33 AM. Reason: adding another point ( prices of rows of inventory )

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    You have my vote... that has to be changed.
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      Should be changed, but won't, welcome to R2Games enjoy your stay.


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        From the first day BB were introduced people, including me, have been wanting to see inventory and skill reset decrease in cost. However, it never has even though in decreasing the cost R2 will actually make more money by retaining players and servers.


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          well , the devs r supposed to listen to us , they dont control the game , the players r the one who is controlling the game , the players want something the devs just make it happen , However this is not the way it is here , the devs r the one thinking and coming up with ideas that we have to put up with either good or bad and that sucks.
          this is not a movie where u write the script and players follow it , this is partnership where players choose and devs design that is it , cuz we r not obliged to stay and put up with things we dont like , we simply o out of the door
          Last edited by Sylvannah; 05-26-2014, 05:05 AM.


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            I can garuentee that a main reason newer servers die fast is because of they absurd price of inventory which is so essential, especially when just gems from crypt can take up 3 rows and scrolls/pots another 2 rows. As more and more is added, inventory becomes more and more needed. So unless they lower the cost of inventory, none of the low to moderate cashers will stick in the newer servers and big cashers wont have anyone to beat on.