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Red Charm Astral

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  • Red Charm Astral

    Always wondering why they have red charm astral, is it any worth having one? what does it help or does?


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    It used to be a huge deal for mages back before Blessing Wheel was out.

    Because Mages can heal their troops for mass amount of healing, and more troop HP = troops last longer.

    But these days... Sylphs just one shots them no matter what... so it's pointless to have high troop count unless you can get it over 3000+

    Troop count does not affect the amount of Enlightenment bonus you get from Troops.


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      not worth it, IMO. lvl 10 red only give 480 charisma.
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        World boss astral. Overall it's **** though.
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          charm is good for low levels since they have such low troop counts
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            It's mainly a world boss astral. Troops still plays a role, depends who you against.
            Mine as mage at 3000 troops, each has > 120k HP and survived thunderers and delphics.
            Fumonero (a guildie) once made it to top 3 archer in CW using it up to 4000 troops,
            with converting gems of course.
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              There's not much need to have Charm as your astral since it won't add you much Battle Rating, and with the sylph system now into play. Troops seem to not last long against sylph. Neither is there no need to even have a free socket for a charisma(Troop) gem.


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                with lvl 70 troups this may become usefull again the base stats on them are dubble what we are using now so more troop hp maybe a way to go specially for mages