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  • A suggestion for Tower of Kings

    I know I am getting frustrated with Tower of Kings and I know my teammates are as well, to put it simple there is 60-140k br difference between opponents inside tok and my team. The AI's in Tower of Kings can now use sylphs so not only are we facing opponents 60-140k br ahead, but we are also facing lvl 80 3 star purple - orange sylphs all maxed out in sepulcrum. I am just asking if maybe you could tone down the hardness of ToK or atleast make it where the AI's in Tower of Kings can not go into sylph mode.

    My team Battle Ratings: 119k, 124k, 84k, and 86k. We barely pass ToK normal.
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    I can relate, my group is 132k, 126k, 124k & 110k. We destroy Normal, yet can only beat 1 stage of Hard when no one is naked. The difficulty spike between normal -> hard is ridiculous and with no nakeds just impossible.
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      This whole Tok is such a fail anyway, hardly any exp, non to little rewards, and i dont know what is more frustrating,
      the massive lag what ***** up every battle, or that you can't beat even normal with a group average of 90k br.


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        Increasing AI's damage to unreal level I mean where you can't even pass it cashing hard (not like ZebQ) is stupid.
        Like for reals. China is way better. ._.

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