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Any Advice on how to beat Sky Trail level 1 boss 5

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  • Any Advice on how to beat Sky Trail level 1 boss 5

    I am a 65 warrior in the game, about 70k BR.. I am having a lot of trouble with the death boss (stage 1 boss 5). I have a good electric and good water sylph. Any advice on to which skills, combo's stats to stack, etc. Thank you for your time

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    Do you use PvP or PvE set?
    I cleared up to 2-4 at 75k BR with 50 PvE set, using Iris(2-5 is too much for me currently)

    Although Iris isn't ideal....I needed the heals personally.
    I used 1 round to gain rage and sylph points so that the next round I could EDD and sylph transform immediately. Then I used double attacks during the "normal" status, and heals during his reflect status.

    If I didn't help any I'm sorry. That's what I did to get to 2-4 as a 75k knight without mire rune.


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      Can't give you great advice as a knight, but can give you few basic tips.
      Go in loaded with rage and sylph ready. He puts on the reflect every couple attack when it's off, use your support skills when it's on.
      Try to nail him right away with sylph and knock down a bunch of hp. Probably gaia might be best. Then you should be ready to sylph again (hopefully) before he throws on his 1000% damage buff.
      Try your timings for a couple attempts to make sure you are hitting him hardest when his reflect is off.

      He's a tough one for sure. Keep working on him and your BR and you will get there.
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        dunno really, Im 76 k br lvl 64 mage..I get that boss half way through 2nd HP bar and he buffs and thats the end of it...hard enough surviving the reflect just to get smashed when he buffs.


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          choose water or electro sylph is base on your situation, someone may think iris heal better, someone may think gaia awesome delphic better

          if you always die before the boss buff --> iris
          if you always lack of dmg --> gaia

          I've never use iris in sky trail, I really think DPS is better
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            thank you all for the advice... My Iris is a 3 star blue vs a 1 star blue Gaia. I recently got the 4 piece lvl 60 set so have lots of rage generation (though as it is recent non of it is legendary yet). I will work on it as suggested and see what I can do for him. I do have dual skill tree's so access to most of the skills to use against him. Would you stack Phys defense vs him (as a hades sylph is physical damage raight... and he kinda uses hades attacks).