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requesting more characters

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  • requesting more characters

    gm,, do not add the server continues, people are still the same no difference, might as well multiply job character, period there are 3 characters (knight, mage, archer) while the server was 20. server ga characters grow a lot but I hope there is an additional job to another character though not bored, if someone wanted to build on the server recreated so bad if for example there are additional characters. thank you

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    what i think you mean is that we should have at least the right of build an additional characther like it happens in Crystal Saga where you can have 3 characthers of your selection on the same server correct?

    if that is it,then i fully agree because gets a bit annoying that to have another char of another class we need to change servers completely.

    and in a side note:

    If R2 was atempting to prevent Alternate charathers with this mesure of having only 1 choice per server,im very sorry to inform R2 that this mesure had the exact oposite effect of what was pretended,because by taking away the players chance of trying dif classes(even if it was just the creation of 1 more in each server),all that R2 did was speed up the process to the creation of Alternate accounts.

    yes R2(GMs and Devs) your atempt of preventing something by taking away a right that players have in all web mmos as only made the creation of many alternate accounts sonner then expected,since and at the moment,in all servers there is already a high afluence of players with more then 1 account,and all due to 1 single and very simple reason.

    apart from the casual gamer,many of the ones playing,that play and stay online for several hours of the day,reach to a point that all that there was to be done on their characthers,its done,thus having nothing else to do.

    well R2 may think *start a new char in a new server to cover the time between server refreshes* so u get your times busy...well as pretty that may sound,no guild will acept in their ranks a player that has their server as secondary,playing just a bit of time while giving ful attention to another server,and at same time the players will not go play in a game,where no guild will acept them because they arent 100% fully commited to that server,thus not be able to complete guild related quests,not being hable to use guild skills,guild blessings and such.

    in the end,not giving to the players the chance of creating a second characther on their account did not prevent the creation of alternate accounts,but speed up the time that normaly exists on mmos for the creation of "Alts" in the servers from later on to right now.

    this situation will also have efects when the trade between players come availiable,since if there was the chance of second chars,the creation of alts for trading would take much more time to apear,but since the option of having the second char was taken away,now R2 has in all servers,once the trade is put availiable,hundreds of players with alternate accounts fully developed and ready to overflow the trade all at once,something that should only happen much later after the trade would be on,not counting that this situation is also killing the "level requirement" to acess the trade,since this alternate accounts will have the level required when the trade comes.

    so R2 you guys took a decision in something that may afect the game seriously and this time,on the oposite of what happen to other mmos,even crystal saga,speed up a problem that should have shown up much later in game.

    in the end,your atempt to prevent it,only speed up its arrival.


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      if it is so rich in fact, why not?
      it still depends on GM alone, how rich would also, we are just players and follow the rules given GM.
      the rest we give advice, criticism, or otherwise.

      the initial yes that's what I want, I want to say what's up, too, right each player also must have an opinion of each, different suggestions, have a position.

      R2 gamers there must be someone who wants additional characters, as well as me.
      useless to have a lot of servers, but if it's still the same. the same lie.
      if the problem mah alternative account, ask yourself what the answer is.
      people who play online games and dependent person would know would have a lot or any other account.
      play games online just to fill our spare time, just for fun.