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Knight Lvl. 44 help...

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  • Knight Lvl. 44 help...

    hello R2ners, im an old wartune player so..i created alot of chars before but this time i created a knight...worked hard to reach that lvl...but the important thing is my 12.500 BR great for a level 44 knight?

    and my academy skills between lvl 15 - 18
    guild skills lvl. 3

    and im stuck in a dungeon for a long time...
    lol plz help...
    astrals :

    lvl.5 enchanced force (blue) PATK +540
    lvl.5 enchanced Brilliance (blue) HP +1500
    lvl.3 refined charm (pink) Charisma +72
    lvl.3 pristine fortitude (yellow) PDEF +648

    is it good?

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    Okay, 12,500 BR at lvl 44 is kind of below average. For academy skills, try to keep it around your lvl or at your lvl, as high as possible. Guilds skills preferably should be higher lvl, it will increase more BR. And as for astrals, try to get refined or higher. But all in all, not bad.

    One way to get higher BR is slow leveling because you try to upgrade everything, earn lots of gold to make better astrals and guild skills, and get abundant supplies of kyanites to upgrade skills to catch up, farm more, do more world boss, and get more honor and insignia from arena and battleground. That way you will catch up on BR for your lvl and pound everyone!!!!! yeah slow lvling
    And BR IS Battle Rating FYI if you didnt know. CHEERS
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      I would suggest quitting this game.


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        Originally posted by Eskendal View Post
        I would suggest quitting this game.
        Just Wow...


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          What, he said he worked hard to get to level 44, and he wonder if 12K BR is good when we have people with over 200K BR. If you work hard to get to level 44 and think 12K BR is good you should go play pokemon or something. I have a mage on Wartune server 1 to see new update and I play once or twice a month on that server. My mage has 19K BR.


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            Hummmm how can i say this.... Basically it's what it was told earlier but if i were you i'd focus on guild skills, legend set and jewels/rings, then astrals and tech.
            Guild skills give you a huge boost as well as legend set. Make sure that you have enough socketting rods to get you 4 slots in each piece of your gear and the weapon. Try to get at least lvl3-4 gems ( run forgotten catacombs for crypt tokens and the gems as well ) and if you want you can try that on te accessories as well.
            The only problem with this is that you may have to put guild skills on stand-by until your gear is done because making a whole set as legend to +21 will cost a lot of money and luck stones. Or you can skip lvl40 legend to make sure that, as long as you lvl you have enough money to upgrade Ur guild skills and an extra money to upgrade your lvl50 legend set. If you want to make lots of gold u should try to spent all of your 20 attempts on fishing to get as much gold boxes as possible, run amethyst at that Special hour to get the double of the amethysts ( means probably more gold , correct me if i'm wrong ), and gold seeds ( just leave 1 spot for kyanite though ) and take on world bosses ( as it was said before )

            My mage is currently lvl44 as well but she has 18k br with bender staff and bender brooch already legend ( however only staff is max. Plussed atm), with guild skills between lvl3 and 4 except for the charisma one and My astrals are 3 orange and 1 purple and i'm currently working on My legend set but i had to put guild skills on stand-by though. I'm also working on bender rings atm as i already have the bender jewels ( will make them legend after getting gear done ). Take advantage of the ongoing events where you can exchange lvl35 pvp set for lvl40 set ; lvl45 pvp set for lvl50 set and lvl 55 pvp set for lvl60. Please note that you will need a lot of insÃ*gnias to buy the pvp sets for the lvl 40/50/60 sets, however these sets are not legend but they do spare you a lot of money and crypt tokens though.
            This is My best advice but it's up to you i just hope i had helped.
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              If you can, get your 45 PvP set from the Arena (costs about 3K insignia) and upgrade your Guild skills and your Academy.

              Astrals: Honestly, your astrals suck (no offense) and here's what you should have:

              PATK astral
              HP astral
              MDEF astral
              Block astral
              PDEF astral
              Enhanced Guardian Angel
              Enhanced Deflection

              in order. last one is up to you what you want.
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                There are some very simple ways to increase BR
                1 - Remove charisma astral, it's absolutely useless compared to the other astrals, get a MDEF astral instead.
                2 - Your academy skills suck, just focus on the skills which makes your character strong, not the troops. Remember to keep enough kyanite for spinning the academy wheel to 200% daily.
                3 - One of the best ways in which people below 55 can increase their BR is by guild skills. Max strength, endurace and armor guild skills, dump all your gold into that, will take some time but the BR increase would be massive.
                4 - Remember to but up-to-date equips from the arena shop, level up to 45 and get the pvp set and enchant it to max.
                5 - Join a good guild and ask people for help.
                These tips are enough for now, good luck with your knight bro.