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    Originally posted by R211971187 View Post
    so far the most sensible thing said by the forumers above and Kim. archers have a slow skill that help them to get FURTHER, not FASTER but even with that, it still boils down to balens. Are you willing to spend 10 attmepts to get 10 those little rewards?

    so to all those people who keep harping about the first kill favoring archer, go quit your toon and change to archer and tell me if you can get first kill or not. The reason wht archers kill faster is because it is meant as a dmg dealer with the help of crit being in most skills that all. Knight has higher survivability and mage can heal. If all events archer cannot df then can i also say all mage cannot heal and knight no shield? think before complain . cos dun think before complain = whine.

    it like u use iris then complain cannot kill as fast as someone using gaia... lol
    Note this, say in a certain level an archer manage to kill the boss with 10 respawn, while a knight with same BR 14 respawn (its true, archer damage dealer will give more points in each attempt compare to other class at same BR). Both archer and knight for illustrationn above manage to pass the level, but a knight has to pay 4 additional attempt.

    So, I believe archer has huge advantage on the event, not to mention df ability. Happen also to first kill, mean archer has more chance to kill the boss faster. So yeah, more event designed for archer, including this event. But as a knight, most like likely able beat an archer in same BR in PVP.

    In conclusion: PVE events (current or future) will always giving advantage for archer. at PVP, knight rules (wish there are more PVP events cross class) except BG/Arena to prove the point above.


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      ok thanks for these info
      Level 49 Archer
      BR 150k