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best slyph for begginer... pan, amazon, or gai or iris?

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  • best slyph for begginer... pan, amazon, or gai or iris?

    (for archer)
    any suggestion?
    can i do swap my slyph examp level 1 iris - to level 32 pan = level 32 iris? thanks

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    Gaia for sure , and yes you can later engulf your sylph and get xp back but to get 100% xp it will req balens
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      gaia would be the best


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        Honestly, all sylphs are good, just take the one you find the most (visually) appealing to you.
        (Before anyone comes saying Gaia is op, Pan sucks, go check top chinese players and their lvl 8 wind resist gems lol, though maybe you know the game better than them #05)


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          chinese wt has sylph equipment, they use sylphs instead of troops in some events (at least in cw from what ive heared) and lately even got a 2nd evolve. so of course things are a lot different for them. but until not too long ago, gaia and hades or their evolved form were the most used sylphs there as well, with gaia being the only sylph used in almost every pve situation we have seen in chinese videos.


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            i got the pan im level 32 now... so better to use pan haha?


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              the best sylph depends on your play style

              gaia: best single target damage (matk)
              AQ: awesome single target, some bleeds, and has an aoe which gives it a little more utility then gaia (patk)
              iris: healing support with a strong aoe that can stun (matk)
              pan: aoe, tank, support. has some solid aoes and skills to help add some tankiness. after evolving he gets some awesome support skills for group fights (patk)

              hope that helps you decide. gaia and aq are easiest ones to be good with, pan the hardest


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                if you bought a purple pan in the event you wasted 1500 event items


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                  for an archer i would say gaia and iris are highly useable.

                  Gaia is for dmg and iris is for heals (note: iris does require rain dance skill bought with (bound) balens to be worth it). Iris is extra nice for archer since it can crit heal.

                  Pan is useless no matter what, the aoe attacks arent really useful. Though it can be used to counter gaia.
                  Amazon is also another option to use to swap with gaia for sky trail and is useful as a 3rd sylph for sylph arena