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#1 Guild Mount: Therion Sand Rider

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  • #1 Guild Mount: Therion Sand Rider

    I was asked a question earlier today about this mount and the question was, if a guild becomes #1 with a certain leader and that leader transfers the guild to another player for a while, does that mount stay with the original GM or does the mount get transferred to the new one?

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    Once Friday GB comes, a GM can transfer leadership to another before the weekly prize is given, new person gets mount once weekly comes, then they can transfer leadership back to normal GM and they'll get the title and the login announcement (just not mount)

    Normal transfer only gives title, but mount only when weekly rewards are handed out to whoever is GM at the time.


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      Thank you so much!


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        Can it be transfer to the other guild master if transfer position? the horse? Can G M confirm?


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          the horse is awarded friday at end of hour after last GB. whoever is GM at that time has the horse for the full week, even if GM position is transferred.