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Overlord descent online bonus

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  • Overlord descent online bonus

    Description: Remain online for the required amount of time to be rewarded.


    30 Minutes: 100,000 Gold, Lvl.1 -5 Gem Pack x1
    1 Hour: 150,000 Daru, Runestone x3
    2 Hours: 50,000 Kyanite, Soul Crystal x30
    3 Hours: Mount Training Whip x10, Imperial Chest x1

    Like all online bonuses the times are normally cumulative. However this time they are not. What i mean by this is that the times stated are actually the times in between rewards. So a person needs to have online time of 6.5 hours instead of the normal 3 hours to get all rewards. Can a mod or someone confirm this is how it was supposed to be or is it just a bug?

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    Probably isnt bugged since this game will be a 24/7 ..
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      What? you mean you don't want to stay in game forever? Dammit, I was gonna suggest they add new times to keep it 24/7!

      There's a fun little thread about this on the Kongregate forums if you guys want a giggle, but to answer your question, yes, it's different, no we don't know if it's supposed to be, and no we don't know if it will continue to be. Will we ask for ya? Sure! Can't promise a reply you'll like, or even a reply at all, but I'll ask!


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        6.5 hrs is too long...
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          Time flys fast for me once I get on wartune.
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