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Compiling level 1-3 gem pack stats

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  • Compiling level 1-3 gem pack stats


    Since we've all got a lot of gems from the whip event, I figured the people who have got 1000 packs or more could help out to gather statistics if they like.

    Step one, move all gems to inventory.

    Step two, use all the packs.

    Step three, count how many of each you got.

    Step four, post all the data (number of packs and number of each gem) here.

    It should be enough with, like, 20 accurate reports or so to get a fair sample.

    If anyone is interested.

  • #2
    I was only interested to know how many lvl 3 i will get so I only counted those.

    Out of 1453 packs got 137 lvl 3 gems. I'm quite happy with it.


    • #3
      out of 1400 packs I got 192 lvl 3 gems


      • #4
        9430 1-3 Gem Packs-
        1,209 Lvl 3
        3006 Lvl 2
        5215 Lvl 1

        Enjoy, thats a long time of saving up.


        • #5
          2317 packs opened

          249 lvl 3 gems dropped