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Graphics and Gameplay Improvement

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  • Graphics and Gameplay Improvement

    I am just new to this game and I am very happy that this game is very much easy to understand compared to other games.I hope that the developer of this game would improve its graphics and moreover its gamesplay.The characters are too big(LOL).It would be very nice if this game will be enhanced and develop.Goodluck and morepower.

  • #2
    And on a sidenote. KILL LAG!!! It's annoying as ****!
    The gods watch over you!
    And they cheer you up!
    Plus. Saliora is with me. WHEEE≈
    (Yep. she's an awesome chatter!)

    Current Details:
    Server: S1 Temple of Ibalize.
    Name: Cephalrai.
    Lv.80 Mage. (Non VIP)
    Clean: 411k
    with sylph: 598k
    full artilary: 1.4m
    Title: Lord Divine.
    Guild: Phoenix~!
    Rank: The lag Priestess.
    Skillfullness: Avarage. meh...