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Inventory issues

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  • Inventory issues

    I am absolutely sick of the inventory issues.

    1) You have to open guild inventory to move stuff between inventories but you cant use stuff in this window. Hence you have to exit this window, go to your own inventory use stuff, then go back to the guild inventory
    2) Stones in dungeons no longer go to your mail if your inventory is full. This is a deliberate attempt to force people into buying inventory space
    3) GET RID OF BOUND VERSES UNBOUND. I constantly have to open inventory and combine things to force them into bound. At least have an option that says for the rest of the day all items are to be changed to bound.
    4) R2 need to realize that all we need to do is get kicked from the guild and all items go to mail. So every month we have housekeeping. All major event items (sc, whips etc) get put in guild vault, you get booted, they all go to mail and a lot of inventory space is regained. SC and whips can stay in mail until the next event. You will never gain anything from this inventory ransom.
    5) The way in which you collect rewards (one at a time for >4000 times) is another attempt to bypass the mail use for inventory. You collect 1 at a time so you would end up with 100's of mail items. But see (4) for the work around.

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    There's hundreds of these inventory threads. You did organize your points well and were clear and concise, so, GOLD STAR!

    But yeah, I agree with all points.
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      :/ need invo space cheaper.. 285 to much for 1 row
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