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Dressing room - non available clothes

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  • Dressing room - non available clothes

    Hi. In dressing room there are some clothes especially s-grade and a-grade which I can't purchase. They are grey all the time. I can just try them on, nothing all...can anyone know why is it so?

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    because you have not yet get them

    only when you get that certain piece of clothing it unlocks
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      Check the source of the clothing, it's probably from a previous event. Those can sometimes be bought during clothing sales, like the one currently active for the Cerulean set.


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        thx for answer
        so where can I get any pieces of clothing?


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          1. There are a few clothes which can be bought directly.
          2. There are some certain clothes (special ones) which can be received while trying to synthesize lvl. 4+ clothes.
          3. During events from exchanging event items.
          4. During Tailoring Events (every month) there's usually a pack of clothes including some clothes from past events.