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  • Knights WB rotation

    Since some people started sharing their WB rotation in another thread and ofc everyone thinks his is the best (or at least works the best for him), maybe it's a good topic to discuss, especially the sylph rounds.

    My rotations:

    Normal round - 1. ult slasher, 2. normal+slasher, 3. ult slasher+chaos, 4. EDD, 5. normal+slasher, 6. ult slasher+amnesia
    Sylph round - 1. ult slasher, 2. DD or EDD, 3. awaken+chaos, 4. any sylph skill+any sylph skill, 5.any sylph skill+any sylph skill, 6.any sylph skill+any sylph skill (sylph delphic as 1st skill on last round or in 5th round if too laggy)


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    Wb rotation depends on the initial rage of the player

    Some tips:
    1. You can do normal attack and slasher at one round
    2. You can use rune with a skill at one round
    3. EDD cast time is too long... you could be delayed in timing. Just use trial and error.
    4. Use skill before sylph mode. That way, you could harness the power of using 2 skills in one round.


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      Well my rotation is something like...

      Player Round: Start with ult slasher, turn on afk mode, it selects slasher, slasher goes off double hit rune (chaos/amnesia), DD, ult slasher, auto attack, slasher, ult slasher rune (chaos/amnesia)

      Initial rage 41, final rage ~80something

      then sylph round is:

      DD - awaken (+ rune), double hit jupiter wrath and short circuit, double hit flash storm and shock chain, double hit jupiter wrath and delphic, short circuit cancel awaken and rune to end it off

      *rounds vary depending on lag*

      well average gold gain for me is

      lv0 inspiration/ player @200k sylph @330k
      lv20 inspiration/ player @250k sylph @450-500k

      50k patk, lv10 determ


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        Copy/pasting like a boss ! (from the other thread)

        First turn is used to fill the awakening bar lol.

        My sylph turn goes like this:
        Ulti slasher; auto-attack+rune+awaken (you can actually do the 3 within the same turn). This earns me 72 rage (I start at 32 rage) so I'm left at 100 when I die.

        Hero turn's like this:
        Ulti slasher; EDD; ulti slasher; auto+slasher; ulti slasher; Delphic (+amnesia rune, sometimes it'll hit lol)
        If there's too much lag or whatever, I just replace the slasher with a chaos rune.

        Earns me good gold both in sylph and hero mode. (Yeah, I did buy double skill solely for world boss xD maxed both delphic + ulti slasher)


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          I have several player rounds depending on how much rage I have in the beginning: (AA = Auto-attack, S = Slasher, US = Ultimate Slasher)

          Skill (preferably DD); Awaken+Rune; (try to sylph double attack but fail horribly)

          Player rounds:
          AA+Brutality; S; EDD; AA+S; US+Chaos; DD (Starting rotation)
          AA+Chaos; DD; AA+S; US+Brutality; EDD; AA+S ("Low" rage rotation, best damage, but cannot start with DD next round)
          DD; AA+Brutality; S; EDD; AA+S; US+Chaos ("High" rage rotation)

          Earns me 140k(Player round) and 190k(Sylph round, ~6 sylph attacks) on average.


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            Mine's a bit complicated as it required you to pay attention to what it shows, but I've noticed 1 trick that has helped me a lot to speed up my rotations.

            I start with a rage building round usually throwing DD or EDD next would be my sylph round

            Enhanced ruthlessness lvl5 and Enhanced determination lvl9 30k patk 5.4k crit 60 set 22.4k gaia

            Skills on bar Slasher Ultimate slasher EDD DD blank or EDD Runes Brutality and Chaos/amnesia (lvl2 min)

            Ult+afk at the same time(doing this means no qte timer, but i'm using the intended skill, it'll flicker from ult to sylph awaken icon in queue at this point turn it off)
            following that I go with slasher timing it with awaken+brutality into jupiter's wrath if you've timed this correctly jupiter's wrath should be in queue before the boss attacks, as well as your skills should be lit up at the time.

            After that it's a rotation of flashstorm+delphic> jupiter's wrath > Short circuit thundering strike [turn afk on at this point] (with a good crit round and float acting properly at 108k br this morning's world boss i ranged between 280k-341k gold/daru per attempt in sylph rounds)

            The following round you should have 100 rage if afk is on 9 time out of 10 it will choose EDD, wait for the animation to start (all keys should be lit up at this point) then use Ult+slasher > Brutality+ult > DD > Ult+slasher+chaos

            There's times when this will choose ult slasher or slasher and there's times I have to switch it up to do as so

            Slasher/ultslasher(this is if it chose either of these) EDD> Ult+slash+brutality queue up HS(cause EVERYTHING else is on CD) > DD > Ult+slash+chaos. (with this I average 190-218k/round)

            I tested my rotation about a week about with full balen buff getting 380k non-sylph and 560k sylph average.
            S435 Witchlight bluffs
            Valest [Guild: Valhalla] 212,000 BR Lv80-5.5 Imperial Dragon Knight (13k crit)
            39k BR *Hercules