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    Originally posted by Lafozas View Post
    Well this is there problem no one make them do it. Anyway kong servers should not even be in same CW as R2 aswell. But now you will say i just complaint again.
    Why shouldn't they be in the same CW?


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      not all are that good as to enter without LD med


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        Originally posted by R272123321 View Post
        Why shouldn't they be in the same CW?
        some players always think kong players have more benefits then r2 server (well true for heavy cashers, but not for majority of players)

        we got bonus Kreds when recharge which can be used for balens later (5000 balens we will get 650 free), but most of the other things just similar as r2/kabam

        also there are also some r2-limited event, like apollo feathers which never happened in kong servers, limited player as we only have a few servers so frequent merging is not possible (oceanic even only have 1 server...)
        SERVER: Kong Server 4 Oceanic (others see us as Kong-S6)
        IGN: Kimwong
        CLASS: Knight
        PLAYER TYPE: Light casher
        BATTLE RATING: 300K - 420K range
        Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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          Originally posted by Lafozas View Post
          You see this is the difference. When you start to play and on what server you start to play is your decision. You know that you are late or weak but you still do it. When you pay for services you expect to get this services at same quality at the same time like your neighbor. If you order TV from same shop at same time like your neighbor and you get your delivery 1 week later you are not going to be ****** off ?
          Because at the end you both should get same quality and quantity of services.

          And yes in short term of time 1 week matters.
          1 week does matter for those who are close to the same. For instance, when 2 players are close to the same BR and then one misses a week of playing, the other player is most definitely ahead of them. It may not show right away, but that other player is closer to upgrading armor set, has that many more insignia, that much more gold, etc. Same is true with the new content. There are the stat boosts they get right away; not huge, but enough to tilt the field in their favor if it was an even match before. Additionally, assuming that they play daily and get everything done daily, they will always be 1 week ahead until the new content is maxed out (at which point it won't matter anymore). It does give a small percentage of servers a small, but distinct advantage over the rest of us. It won't make much difference where there were large gaps, and the advantage will vanish once everyone is maxed, but among those who were close to equal, it will show and it will make people mad.

          It also matters in class wars. Since they changed prelims so that BR matters more than wins, even small amounts of extra BR matter. Once again, it probably will matter mostlyfor those who are borderline (those barely making top 16 might get pushed out; those barely making finals might get pushed out), but it is still there and still an unfair advantage.

          I don't really expect a pay to win game to be completely fair; if it was, nobody would have reason to cash (if it was completely fair, there would be no advantage to cashing). However, it doesn't seem unreasonable to expect equal time and $ to yield close to equal results (variations would exist due to choice in build and sylph, ofc). Instead, luck seems to bestow significant advantage in a most unfair manner on the lucky few while the rest of us get screwed.