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Trading Astrals with Players

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  • Trading Astrals with Players

    I don't see a problem with trading astrals between players. I think everybody who has received an astral they cannot use (patk/matk) wishes they could trade their astrals with another player that has the wrong one. This would help all the unfortunate players who can't seem to get that astral they want, but the ones everybody else wants.

    Please reply to this topic to keep it alive if you support this idea.

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    The game is still in the phrase of bug fixing and improvements need to be made. Trading is still in progress of development. Please be patient wait til then.
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      Trading items isn't even in developement. According to Sway, there are currently too many issues, as the system can be manipulated. I'm asking about astral trading. I haven't really seen this on the Chinese version of the game, but it is a safe trade feature where fraud won't work as well.


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        i think trading astral isnt work. cuz the astral itself has experience. and if this astral trading implemented, most likely, there will be alt abusing.
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          I Think there's nothing wrong with astral trading to be honest, i've hated having to stick with Orange Patk and other useless astrals i won't ever use -.- (I'ma mage)
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            The only thing I would have to say is if it has any experience to it, it shouldn't be able to be traded. But if you get an orange and you don't put any exp with it...yea trading would be nice. I've been pretty fortunate to get the astrals that I can use and not have any wasted ones. I can see this being an alt abuse thing but I don't think it will be an issue. I mean so what if you have a lvl 50 toon and you give these oranges to a low lvl alt, what's it going to do really? If it has no experience to it, it will take them forever to upgrade it.

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