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Wartune Cross-server Battle Events!

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    now, look at the war pack box description: "an ancient tale once told of a taboo chest in which an unusually strong sylph was contained..."
    It is making me laugh for sure.... the jackpot isn't even a sylph hahaha


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      Enough with giving EXP out with these events. The EXP **** is just too much.


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        on my server the odds of getting the mount is higher with vip, because so far only those have been getting it. one got 9 from chest in shop today
        anyway, vip toon have better odds, then non vip n not use money.
        my lvl 75 knight 138k br
        vip lvl 63 knight 144k br--its now---lvl 64 with 169k
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          Originally posted by R262181389 View Post
          Enough with giving EXP out with these events. The EXP **** is just too much.

          hahaha please make sure you add EXP to every possible event piece and everything in wartune. Even add EXP to world boss. make it where you cant collect gold or daru from WB without getting EXP added. THank you and have a nice day
          Archer hoarder


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            just like I thought, free chest only gave me common rewards, ' * ' are the rewards I got out of 300 free chests, non casher n non vip
            * War Remains x1
            * 80,000 Gold
            * Mahra x2
            * Sylph Sepulcrum x2
            * Soul Crystal x20
            Soul Crystal x500
            Mount Training Whip x100
            Mount Hoof x50
            Blazing Tauren Card x1


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              just how is it possible for me to still get only those common rewards from free chests. got 85 more free chest..... WTH no rare rewards, this is **** of an event when some exactly don't get the rare rewards. counted this pass 8 events with free event chest, only 100 manhra from 1 chests from last event out of 1000+ from those events. if its not controlled how does some1 have the worst odds. every1 on my server got at less 1 of the rare rewards from 100 chest n i used 385 n not 1.
              some1 told 1 rare drop for every 200 chest for complete non-casher.

              its amazing how 70 out of 70 chests was the shard along.
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                think my free event chests are locked i only get the common drops from them, out of 408 chest, I need 9 more shards for mount. out of gems to synthesis.