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[Announcement] Halloween (10/31) Wartune Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EDT

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  • Omg

    Wow I just went VIP yesterday was that a mistake? do you not try it out on the test server before you try it on all the servers? I say forget the event just bring the servers up


    • well i just enjoyed watching rammstein in moskow 2012 , great concert passed the 2hours nicely


      • time check

        IGN: WGlBadzâ„¢
        Level: 60
        Guild: WarGodzâ„¢ - Guild Leader
        Current Server: S29 Bloody Coliseum


        • Originally posted by R24363227 View Post
          wkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkwkw parah...
          dah cebok dulu jangan kelamaan jongkok nanti keras jadi batu wkwkwkwk
          Character Name: Pixel

          Class: Knight

          Guild: EvilEmpire

          Server: [S7]

          Just Having Fun @ This Game


          • this is ridiculous... you have your test servers to make sure everything is working fine and to be ready for update on real servers.. why you launching the maintenance on real servers and find out in ur tests after that is buggy delaying game half a day.. even halloween will be gone till u finishing


            • It's like this prolly , The dev team tried to do smthing nice for hallowen and messed the game Up .. happens all the time ^_^ tho hope u got back up


              • Originally posted by Skeetâ„¢ View Post
                To the GM's or whoever is in charge of updating the site or in-game message:

                At least update the message that the servers will be down longer than expected.

                -This will prevent further rage from the kids complaining, the kids crying about how they are VIP players who use their mother's (or father's) credit cards and are demanding compensations, and the trolls getting +1's on the forums due to the no effort to change the server release time (like mocchi09).

                Hey, Skeet. Do you think the "rage" is unreasonable?


                • I is on the 100th+ page..winner


                  • Sacrificing


                    • Originally posted by Kondom/sova View Post
                      wait until now

                      hahahaha..... R2.... look at so call halloween maintenance have done?


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                        • i say stop the whining every online game has maints lol 2-3 is rly not much and 5 if somehting is wrong isnt bad either jeez even the biggest online game (WOW) had maints of a day sometimes cause something whent wrong


                          • great all i have left today to do is dungeons..missed everything else


                            • 5 min....than server open..


                              • I've spent it on multiple servers. On multiple characters. Mainly because things are so overpriced in this game. I make good money and i enjoy this game so why not spend it. But when things like this happens. It's ridiculous. Thank you for your condolences.