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[Announcement] Halloween (10/31) Wartune Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EDT

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  • Its already 100 page!!


    • yes compensate!!!~~~~


      • Lol, people are posting messages faster than I can skim them
        S41 - Death Garden - Aragorn - Tank Knight


        • tellthe truth gms u are all having a hallowean party lol
          IGN...Ametara .. Server...S2..Edena Village


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            Wartune Retired
            IGN: Senjuu
            Server: S1 Temple of Ibalize
            Guild: Immortals

            IGN: Senju
            Server: S5 Buddha's Dome, S7 The Golden Summit
            Clan: S5 Moon, S7 EXODUS

            I'm a non casher player

            My Guide/s:

            File a support ticket here:


            • :cool::cool::cool:


              • stop moaning and play others games ! seems that they really encountered problems for this Update ... Just hope that all the datas will be there when they ll fix that **** !


                • Server time: 07:51
                  event time: 11:00
                  event name: Back online
                  Character Name: Pixel

                  Class: Knight

                  Guild: EvilEmpire

                  Server: [S7]

                  Just Having Fun @ This Game


                  • Not able to find a new cut and paste for this game. Way to go server down longer then normal for a normal maintenance, start vouching credit back to those whom pay an ab seen amount. Pay to Play not sit around.


                    • Originally posted by R23221156 View Post
                      dah cebok dulu jangan kelamaan jongkok nanti keras jadi batu wkwkwkwk
                      wkwkwkwkwkwk ad2 ja kk ni
                      Name : Natsumi
                      Server : Imperial Encampment (s48)
                      Hero : Knight


                      • Originally posted by LordRaider View Post
                        Addicts can not play... we must have a serious problem!!! :-DDDD
                        Raise yourselves, guys, Life is not only sitting in front of PC and playing. Go and do something different. IT maintenace is not only uploading pre-written patches, it also testing which may really take a day.
                        If it was not done, we would log in and face all the errors which always occur in every update because if you correct something, rewritten code will make another unexpected problems.
                        There is not reason for compensation package, but of course if I am talking to a bunch of immature children, there is no a chance that somebody understands and stops this useless chat.
                        Hey OH so serious Guy !!! we just having some Halloween fun ...wonder what U doing here anyways reading all this childish struff since there is soo much more to do in be a good boy/Girl & whamoosh !!!


                        • Maybe some Wartune-noob deleted all possible data and now they are trying to write all code again in 1 hour...or 1 day or so


                          • UPDATE 2: At this time, we've been unable to resolve the issues occurring on the test server. We do not have an ETA as to when we can expect Maintenance to end.

                            That 2nd update is like from blizard

                            When its done


                            • Originally posted by al1980ro View Post
                              this is ridiculous... you have your test servers to make sure everything is working fine and to be ready for update on real servers.. why you launching the maintenance on real servers and find out in ur tests after that is buggy delaying game half a day.. even halloween will be gone till u finishing
                              Feel free to learn how games work..because you obviously don't..the servers become the test servers, they switch them to test servers in order to test them out, once everythings perfect is when they switch them back to live servers..


                              • They fixed like this to wartune...OMG....

                                Click image for larger version

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