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Emergency Maintenance on March 30th 2016

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  • Emergency Maintenance on March 30th 2016

    The following servers will be under maintenance on 3/30/2016 @ 04:00 EDT in order to fix the BUG with Daily Events:

    R2 servers:
    S432, S435, S463, S466, S469, S472, S485, S488, S494, S497, S500, S502, S505, S508, S511, S513, S517, S519, S522, S524, S528, S530, S560, S565, S569, S573, S577, S639, S628, S631, S635, and S646

    Please log out before the maintenance to avoid data loss. We'll make another announcement if the maintenance is extended due to unexpected issues.

    Note: Considering the various bugs such as ranking/Hot Event resets and Dimensional War reward issues that may be influenced due to the maintenance, we've prepared the following compensation for all servers affected:
    500K Gold
    Insignia x600
    Active Eudaemon Skill Scroll x200
    Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x50
    Eudaemon Resistance Essence x50

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support!

  • #2
    seriously that's the compensation rewards..... u really need to up that reward pool..... no battlegrounds in days, arena rewards, eudaemon arena.... no steel wars..... you need to think about what all we HAVE lost out on and sweeten that pot.


    • #3
      The compensation is NOT for the bug with the daily events. The compensation is for the issues that might be caused by having a maintenance.
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      • #4
        granted but what about the rewards we have lost out on?


        • #5
          dont worry guys..they just think to fill the pocket...i lost an account of 3 years old because because they dont dont how to resolve my problem...FILL THE POCKET !!!


          • #6
            So any reason why we did not get the comp pack stated? 50 scrolls.... REALLY


            • #7
              Got a comp pack that is nothing like what is stated, or was the one that we got a "better then nothing" kinda deal?