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[Guide] War of Eternity from 22nd of May

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  • [Guide] War of Eternity from 22nd of May

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    The first War of Eternity has descended upon us! Team up with your beloved to take down your opponents and enjoy the fruits of victory!

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    Signing Up
    • The War of Eternity is a new PvP event opens for couples, which are divided into two parts: the Preliminaries and Finals.
    • Signing Up Time: 2016/5/19 10:00 - 2016/5/22 10:00
    • Signing Up: All Lvl. 50+ couples (Both should be Lvl. 50+) can join War of Eternity.
    • Players may join the event every Sunday at 20:00 - 21:00, four weeks as one season. Players will receive ranking rewards from the first 3 rounds and final rewards once the whole season ends. You will be rewarded with Eternal Crystal, which can be exchanged for other items in the Eternal Shop.
    • Matched couples will automatically enter the same room once the event begins, and both can adjust their formation.

    Note: Couples should NOT party up before entering the event. In order to avoid issues with the
    matching system, it is recommened that both players click the event icon to enter the room at the same time. The system will then automatically prepare the couple for war.

    Formation Adjustments
    • The husband and wife can each carry one Eudaemon into battle.
    • The leader may adjust the formation. The battle formation will remain the same between the character and Eudaemon.

    Event Time
    • The event is held at 20:00 - 21:00 every Sunday. Registered couple may enter the room at 19:55.
    • Each round consists of 9 battles, with each battle lasting for 5 minutes.
    • Players can consume Balens to inspire their spouse, increasing attributes by 5% for the spouse and their Sylph. Max inspiration attempts: 10.
    • All registered couples will be divided into 4 groups based on their total Battle Rating. The group names are as follows: Diamond, Gold, Silver and Iron. Couples in the Diamond, Gold and Silver groups must battle against all the other teams, and will be ranked based on their cumulative victories. Couples in the Iron group will be matched according to current winning battles.
    • Two couples with similar winning battles will fight. There are 9 battles in total.
    • Players will be ranked and rewarded correspondingly following the end of each round.

    • Only available to those in the Diamond Group, players may place wagers on a couple with a random ranking from the party list.
    • Players wager with Eternal Crystal, which can be purchased with Balens.
    • Wager rules are similar with those in the Class Wars and Titan War. Both successful and unsuccessful wagers will earn Eternal Crystals as a reward.

    • Participating in the event and wagering both provide Eternal Crystals as rewards, which can be exchanged for items in the Eternal Shop.
    • Once the event ends, the top 3 players will obtain additional rewards. These rewards include an exclusive mount and special time-limited title.

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    a bit late putting this up 4 weeks late i say according to the post date Click image for larger version

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      I am wondering how often War of Eternity comes around?
      S385 CrimsonLair