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Wartune Emergency Maintenance

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  • Wartune Emergency Maintenance

    Wartune is having an emergency Maintenance for all servers to fix the Titan Temple issue .

    Maintenance is expected to take approximately 1 hour, but could be shorter or longer. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    We'll make another announcement if the maintenance is extended due to unexpected issues. Thank you.

  • #2
    Can I know what is being fixed >?


    • #3
      It was tested - and failed and they wait until now to fix.
      Am on test server (not KH) but had enough people complain about titan temple to know that it was not right.


      • #4
        maybe they just forgot to put some old bugs back in like normally happens every maintenance


        • #5
          why didnt u fix this in morning maintenance u thik tw at s

          i was in road to glory mid battle servers went offline now i will be dead so compo plz to revive my character

          other ppl in my server were in middle of tarra and narra and magic squares what about giving compo to those also


          • #6
            And this is why things like this should be tested PRIOR to putting it out!
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            Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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            • #7
              They definately need to fix TT as how on this or any other planet can my 9mil toon take out 4 toons with combined br of around74mil? Totally awesome piece of programming! NOT!
              S135 - Knight current Br just over 44 Million and rising! Trying not to cash, but sometimes will, especially after pay day!


              • #8
                What kind of bug was it?


                • #9
                  edit due to double post forum bug

                  forum bug double post ffs cant u even fix these forums right


                  • #10
                    Why would you not give atleast a 20 minute notice so that people can finish whatever run they might be in middle of doing? It seems bizarre to me that you guys keep doing the silliest things to make your customers (players) unhappy.


                    • #11
                      I understand titan temple needs to be fixed but a little more notice would be nice. I get logged on and booted almost immediately. had no idea there was emergency maintnanance. Hoping there will be additional
                      compensation for his.


                      • #12
                        wow.. going to miss WB now. The fastest 15 seconds of fun on my server!! Of course we'll never know why, but I'm sure no one is getting fired b/c of their ineptitude to test before releasing.


                        • #13
                          on my server was system msg about shutdown. so i guess it was on others too.
                          getting compensation for not being able to read or ignoring it is bit much what you want, just stop doing something and not whining around later.

                          same for compensation for having no idea.... really? -.-

                          for runs maybe it wasnt enough time, idk when 1st msg was there. yes... then you might lose a bit. but pls think what you lose. maybe some clamps or whips ... if you need to make big drama cause of that then you have no idea about RL. get a life and some real problems.

                          dont forget its a game before you go crazy cause you miss some bloody clamps or other stuff. :/


                          • #14
                            Wartune bagove game eving day


                            • #15
                              Why such shot notice. i am expecting additonal compensation. Got kiked off almost immediately after logging in